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Celtics Feeling Green With Envy For Bullets Team Effort

26 March 1997. Washington Bullets 105, Boston Celtics 92 (record: 34-35)
Game leaders: Webber (26 points), Webber (13 rebounds), Strickland (17 assists)

Who knows whether the Celtics are really this bad or are just trying to lose enough to do well in the lottery. At times, they can look good, though they can also look bad. They do have one excuse - by the end of the season, they will have lost over 400 man-games on their roster to injury, worse than anything the Bullets suffered the previous couple of years.

Taken For Grant-ed
Harvey Grant knows he's not the primary option any more, but he pines some for a little more offensive involvement in addition to his defensive exploits.
So, in reality, there wasn't much threat in this game. The Celtics still have not won a game this season against an Atlantic Division opponent. That event has never happened in the history of the league.

That doesn't mean the Celtics didn't give the Bullets some problems. They led 27-22 after the first, in part because the Bullets were failing to get back quickly in transition. That would continue to be the Celtics modus operandi throughout the game, as they were much less effective in their halfcourt sets.

The Bullets, meanwhile, tore it up. Strickland had a season-high 17 assists, and Tracy Murray had a season-high 24 points. Juwan Howard also scored 20 points and had 11 rebounds. The Bullets as a whole had assists on 31 of their 43 made shots; ball movement was excellent in this game.

This game also marked the return of Tim Legler to the active lineup. He didn't play until late in the fourth with the game decided, but he got a rousing ovation from the crowd, and they wanted him to shoot every time he had the ball. He didn't shoot, but he did collect a rebound in his 3 minutes of play. The Bullets are now within 1 game of .500, 2.5 games out of the 8th seed for the playoffs, and Toronto is coming to town. Knock on wood, hopefully they can continue their winning ways.

wtf 27 March 1997

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