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Bullets Buzzed By Hot Hornets Shooting

8 November 1996. Charlotte Hornets 102, Washington Bullets 87 (record: 2-2)
Game leaders: Webber (19 points), Webber (14 rebounds), Strickland (6 assists)

This was not a fun game to watch. It had all of the ugly feeling of the San Antonio game, at first, and the Bullets never got over their shooting woes. In particular, Juwan Howard was 6 of 23 from the field, and the Bullets shot 37 for 99 as a team.

What About The Dynamic Duo?
Juwan Howard and Chris Webber are looked at as being the dynamic duo of the Bullets. What do Juwan and CWebb think?
The Bullets dominated the boards, particularly on the offensive side (25 offensive boards), but couldn't score. However, their team defense was not there. They allowed the Hornets to shoot 50% from the field. In particular, they got burned by a couple of journeymen point guards: Anthony Goldwire for 18 points and Tony Smith for 20 points. That was what was so sickening about the display the Bullets made.

The shooting woes were so much worse because you swore there was a lid on the Bullets hoop. So many shots seemed to go in and out. But what's past is past. The offense continues to struggle, and that's enough to worry about.

Before the game, the Bullets put center Lorenzo Williams on the injured list. No one was added to the roster, probably in anticipation of the activation of Muresan from the injured list following the Indiana game.

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