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Mid-Month Odds & Ends

Hopefully, there won't be much more to say about Juwan's DUI arrest, except for the obvious sentencing situation. However, it must be noted that while Juwan has been getting out his side, the police have been mostly quiet (only on non-attribution). Not any more. The Washington Post ran an article about how Juwan balked at the on-street test.

After reading the article, you know what? There isn't anything damning in it. Just that Juwan wanted to take care of things privately. So, nothing to get too concerned about there. Juwan didn't seem to have Michael Irvin syndrome, at least.

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Do you remember the days of Earl Monroe, Elvin Hayes, and Wes Unseld? Before the championship? Then Tony Kornheiser's column in the Washington Post about Abe, Wes & Earl: A Family Circle That Will Be Never Broken is for you. Enjoy.

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This one I still have problems understanding. Backup center Lorenzo Williams injures his knee in the second preseason game of the year and doesn't participate much the rest of training camp. He hopes the pain will go away, but he waits for several weeks and is finally put on injured reserve.

The question still remains in his mind: should he get the cortisone shot or the arthroscopic surgery to clear out the damaged cartilage? Finally, about 5 weeks after the initial injury, he opts for surgery. He should be out of action 3 to 4 weeks.

Now the question is, why didn't he opt for it sooner? If he had when he was first injured, he'd be coming back right about now. Instead, he waited for an injury that would've at a minimum probably bothered him all season. Yeah, it's a calculated risk, and surgery and rehab are never fun, but even after it became obvious that rest wasn't reducing the pain, he still hemmed and hawed for another 2+ weeks.

That's the part that bothers me most. And now Webber is forced to pull double duty as the Bullets center, which he really is not.

wtf 18 November 1996

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