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Muresan Stands Tall As Celts Fade In Fourth

16 November 1996. Washington Bullets 106, Boston Celtics 92 (record: 4-5)
Game leaders: Howard, Strickland (19 points), Webber (10 rebounds), Webber (8 assists)

Ugly. That's the word I would use to describe this game. Webber couldn't play post defense against Dino Radja, and the Bullets paid for it. But when Muresan played, that was the end of Radja's playtime in the paint. And in the 4th quarter, the Bullets took a 5-point deficit and used Muresan's tall presence in the lane to hold the Celtics to 10 points and run away with the game.

It didn't look that good in the 3rd. Muresan started both halves on the bench, in particular because the Celtics like to run. A 5-point halftime lead for the Bullets was gone in minutes, and the deficit was run as high as 13 points. But the Bullets sliced away at that lead in the final two minutes of the quarter, and then the Celtics fell apart.

The Celtics tried a two point guard rotation, with both Dana Barros and David Wesley on the court, but that was when the Celtics offense stalled. And Muresan was generally on the court at the same time. Which was cause for the effect (i.e., Boston's anemic offense)? Don't know, don't care. Because the Bullets won the game.

The Bullets now have a rest until Wednesday night, when they host the Seattle Sonics and their overpriced center, Jim McIlvaine. Should be a nice matchup.

wtf 18 November 1996

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