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Down Big, The Raptors Were Anything But Extinct

5 December 1996. Toronto Raptors 82, Washington Bullets 80 (record: 7-9)
Game leaders: Strickland (17 points), Howard (11 rebounds), Howard (6 assists)

There was no excuse for what happened against Toronto. The Bullets had a 17 point lead early in the fourth quarter, but they failed to put them away. After scoring 51 points in the first half, the Bullets only scored 29 in the second half. Shame, shame, shame.

Tidbits From Toronto
Jump to the end of the game story with the Washington Post for some bits about Howard's ankle and Whitney's days at Clemson.
There's lots of blame to go around. The Bullets were outrebounded by their opponent for the 6th straight game. To make it worse, while the Bullets held the Raptors to 36.1% shooting, but also allowed 19 offensive rebounds by the Raptors. Second-chance points will kill you.

The Raptors also jacked up 30 3-pointers last night, so the Bullets were doing a pretty poor job of rotating to the open shooter. And after watching the 4th quarter of the game, it's very easy to believe that was happening.

Then, the Bullets were hurt by poor shooting (8 of 24) from their star forwards, Webber and Howard. Howard had reinjured his ankle earlier in the day, but that still shouldn't be an excuse for such a poor shooting performance, especially when one is capable of getting 11 rebounds with a bum ankle.

These Raptors are injured right now and beatable. But the Bullets were beaten by a 40 year old reclamation project, John Long, who hadn't played NBA ball in several years until last week. That's bad. Enough of this, let's hope they can defend their homecourt a little better against the Bucks on Saturday.

wtf 6 December 1996

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