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Neither Team Shoots Well, But Knicks Get The Win

10 December 1996. New York Knicks 85, Washington Bullets 73 (record: 7-11)
Game leaders: Webber (20 points), Webber (12 rebounds), Strickland (6 assists)

Pathetic. That's the best word I can use to describe the Bullets effort in this game. Despite the fact that the Knicks started the game shooting horribly (Patrick Ewing missed his first 8 shots and was getting booed by the crowd), the Bullets didn't take advantage. They were down 9 at halftime, made a brief run at the start of the 3rd quarter, and then got shellacked.

Juwan Howard may have had his worst offensive game ever. He shot 2 of 13 from the field and had 3 turnovers. He was benched late in the 4th quarter. Rod Strickland was an equally awful 2 of 11, with 7 turnovers.

Even worse for the Bullets was their free throw percentage. Chris Webber actually hit a few (for a change), though he was still 6 of 11. The team as a whole shot 15 of 29. This is getting to epidemic proportions. Buzz Bramin, what's going on?

The Bullets only had 57 points halfway through the 4th quarter, having scored 4 points in the quarter to that point. The Bullets do not seem to have an offensive concept any more. And they sure have forgotten how to rebound (the Knicks had 17 offensive rebounds, to 32 defensive rebounds for the Bullets). It's basics, man, and it's frustrating to watch a team that doesn't turn the ball over (consistently in the top 5 in the league in minimizing turnovers) fail so miserably at actually scoring. Never mind the defensive letdowns.

wtf 12 December 1996

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