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MCI Center Continues To Go Up, Looks Impressive

MCI Center construction illustration

New Years Resolutions
Both Lorenzo Williams and Tim Legler are hoping to be key resolutions-kept in the new year as they look forward to returning from injuries in the new year.
Alright, time to admit that I never had time to give a writeup on the construction. Needless to say, the arena seemed to be going up at a rapid pace, much faster than expected. The mild weather was allowing the construction to get up much of the girders on three sides of the arena. However, work was still being performed on the floor of the arena, before the foundation was laid in the last parts. So, the opening on the east side, as illustrated in the figure on the left

Young Bullets Search For Identity
Just what is this team? Yet another example of talent that doesn't mesh, like in Dallas with the 3-Js? Or the beginning of something special, a rare collection of talent that will yield championships? Washington Post sports columnist Tom Boswell tackles the issue.

What's really nice to see is that they were starting to add girders to the second level that actually formed the outlines of the different rows, staircase-style. So, they were making good progress in getting the outlines up, although much remained in terms of laying the concrete, installing walls, etc. that will get the backbone of the arena up. Then, there is the internal decor that needs to be added, which is aimed for the summer.

As a side note, I driving through the area in March, and much of the walls are now up. Not necessarily all of the external wall structure, but much finishing work was going on. I couldn't see the inside of the structure, but I'm guessing that they're moving ahead with that work as well. I hope to have more reviews available soon.

wtf 7 May 1997

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