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IN MEMORIAM: Derek Smith--Bullets Assistant Coach, Family Man, NCAA Champion

Derek Smith (1962-1996)
Washington Bullets Assistant Coach (1994-1996)

One of the best ways to offer a tribute to the memory of Derek Smith is the kind words from the people who were most impacted by Smith's life. (Thanks to Washington Post writer J.A. Adande for collecting many of these stories. For more on the story, see my news writeup.) He never personally entered my life, but by reading the testaments below, you can see that he entered the lives of a lot of other people in very special ways.

There he is: professional, friend, family man. It's horrible when someone dies, especially someone who showed continuing promise for the future. And your heart and prayers go out to his family. I hope the Bullets remember him and his family as they begin this season. So, as we approach this season, remember Derek Smith and everything that he did, both on the court and off it.

wtf 27 August 1996

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