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"Yes, even you won't be able to crack your way onto the seemingly pathetic Bullets playing roster. Maybe if you learn enough about them, the coach might notice you. But in the meantime, grab a towel. Don't take the warmups off. The Washington Bullets are in this town."

These are the words I wrote in June 1995, as I prepared the first incarnation of my "Riding The Bullets Bench" page. Coming off a 21-61 season, it was a very common sentiment for Bullets fans. But a funny thing happened during the 1995-96 season--this team started to learn to win.

Despite the constant accumulation of injuries to key contributors for the Bullets team, starting with Chris Webber through the injury to Tim Legler, the team learned to win. Until the end, they had a remote shot at actually making the playoffs.

So, it is with great interest that we prepare to watch the Washington Bullets make one last charge at the NBA. It is this season, the 1996-97 season, that will be last for the Washington Bullets. And, on a hopefully warm day in November 1997, the Washington Bullets will play its first official game under its new name, logo and colors, in a brand new arena.

But I get ahead of myself. Let's prepare for the 1996-97 season. I hope to be a regular source of information and discussion for you. A lot of changes will be coming over this summer, as I work out the bugs in this new format. Constructive criticism is encouraged. This will be a joint process of developing a better page for everyone.

For those who have supported me in the past, thanks. For those are just discovering this page, enjoy. For the Bullets players and coaches, win.

wtf 22 May 1996

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