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Riding the Bullets Bench August

Join The Wizards Bench Roster

You too can become a "registered" member of the Wizards Bench Roster. What does that mean? Not much. It doesn't guarantee you first access to any premium pages here - they're available for everyone. It doesn't get you a free autographed basketball or tickets to a Wizards game.

What it does allow you to do is to tell the rest of the world that you are a Bullets/Wizards fan and proud of it. It allows you to find other Bullets/Wizards fans nation- and world-wide. It allows you to speak proudly of whatever you want, declaring who you are. If that's what you want to do.

The only blanks that you must to fill in are the comments and name section. What I do ask is that you refrain from posting profanity or derogatory remarks - this is a community for Bullets/Wizards fans, not small-minded people. I reserve the right, as owner and publisher of this service, to edit or delete entries that I deem offensive (and I generally have a high tolerance in such matters). (I hate bringing this matter up, but it's the nature of free discourse to have this happen.)

Thanks for your cooperation, and enjoy!

wtf 22 August 1997

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