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The Wizards Go Live - And So Do We

The New Team Name/Logo

New Wizards logo I'm sure pummeling your with images of the new logo thus far, aren't I?

But you might as well get used to the look, because they aren't going back from this one.

The jerseys will be interesting. I can see the home jerseys, with the logo square in the middle on a white background. But what about the road jerseys - what color background will they use? Will it be the cobalt blue background, like the Washington Capitals? (The Capitals and Wizards have the same color scheme - cobalt blue, bronze, black, and white.)

Stay tuned on the jersey issue, because those weren't modeled yesterday. Something to pay attention for this summer.

I'm excited by the change, even if the Wizards team name really wasn't my first choice. (The alliteration is cool.) Because the team has decided to go forward with the change, we should embrace it as fans. That doesn't mean throw out your Bullets memorabilia and merchandise; keep it in a prominent place, because the Bullets will forever be a part of the Wizards history. The high points, such as the 4 NBA Finals appearances and 1 NBA title in the 1970s, to the low points, such as a record low 21 wins in 1994-95, cannot and will not be forgotten. They will be etched on this site forever.

Means That We Are Changing

Not big changes, but the fact that the team has changed its name means that we have to reflect that reality, too. We are now Riding the Wizards Bench. The Wizards logo will soon propagate throughout the site, and the Wizard name will have to be reflected in my advertising banner (which is also in the header of every page).

Also, the sections are being renamed (as you might note in the section headings at the top of every page). The one exception is that all history under the Bullets team name (pre-1997-98 season) will stay under the Bullets Journal moniker, while the new section will now be known as Wizards Watch.

I also changed the color scheme for the links and visited links on the entry page to Riding The Wizards Bench to the cobalt and bronze scheme. Let me know if you like that, and I may propagate it throughout the site. We can also stay with the previous red/blue scheme.

And Adding New Features

The big new feature is the addition of a mailing list. That's right, a mailing list for you to exchange ideas with each other online.

You can find out more information by going to the "Wizards Talk" page. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to the list from that page. You can also read the list FAQ (i.e., frequently asked questions) online or receive an electronic copy via e-mail. The FAQ is still in its rudimentary stages, so be patient with its state of incompleteness and/or incoherence.

The first topic I suggest for discussion: do you like the new logo or not? Talk about it.

wtf 16 May 1997

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