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The Coaching Mystique Overcomes The Atlantic Division

Coaching Changes Make Things Tougher?

Wow, now you can add Chuck Daly to the coaches of the Atlantic Division. There's been a lot of turnover in the Atlantic in the past 2 years (no coach from the 1994-95 season remains with that team), and now we've got a plethora of coaching success roaming the Atlantic. Just to summarize:

What About The New Guys?

Those are a lot of high-profile leaders in the Atlantic Division. Luckily, the leader does not make the entire success of the team. Take the Celtics, for instance - please take them. In general, they don't have much in the way of talent. And even after the draft, they still won't have much (Antoine Walker is very good, and they might snare one in this year's draft). Whether Pitino can craft this bunch into a winning crew has yet to be seen.

Larry Brown is going to need some time to get Philly's house in order, but they have decent talent at some positions. I really don't like the idea of Chuck Daly leading the Magic, although they really need some good tweaks to their offense, especially in terms of shooters (as Nick Anderson and Dennis Scott failed them down the stretch). The Magic could be dangerous, if Daly still has his touch. And looking at the New Jersey Nets before his arrival, during his tenure, and after his departure leads me to believe that he still has the coaching touch.

Where Does It Leave The Wizards?

Good question, one for which I don't have a complete answer. But I like the way the Bullets/Wizards finished the season, and if they can maintain the momentum from that success, they will finish strongly next season, no matter how much aura and leadership is provided by these high-profile coaches in the Atlantic Division.

The Bullets have one commodity that a lot of teams in the Atlantic would love to have - talent. They are loaded with it. And if the young players continue to grow and mature, they will only become more dangerous. With Rod Strickland leading the point, and all of the talented youth starting and on the bench, this team is dangerous. Remember, Michael Jordan called the Wizards the team of the future. I believe they will live up to the hype. The road may just be a little tougher and more competitive.

Correction to Clifford Ray Story

I blew it on my summary of the Clifford Ray story. Clifford Ray was not fired; he only had a one-year contract last season. Rather, the Wizards chose to not renew his contract. It's a semantic error, but a serious one (in my opinion). My apologies for the error and the confusion it might have caused.

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