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Quick Releases: He Shoots And Scores!

More On Female Refs

It looks like the NBA will have one or two female refs next season, as reported in WashingtonPost.com: NBA Is Considering Hiring Women to Officiate Regular Season Games and briefly discussed in an earlier column. I didn't give it enough attention then, but this should be a good thing for the league; all indications are that these are high-quality refs, regardless of gender.

There's a good anecdote in the Post article about being tested by players; I'm also more than disappointed in Michael Jordan's seemingly sexist attitude. The only change that's necessary: separate locker rooms for male and female refs.

The Wizards Have A New TV Home

You've probably read about Channel 9 (WUSA, a CBS affiliate in DC) picking up 10 Wizards' games this season. They are good games, too. Channel 9 should provide better broadcasting range and coverage on their telecasts; they will be using the same broadcasting crew as other televised Wizards' games. This is good for those Wizards fans who are on the edge of previous television coverage.

Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that more Wizards' games than normal will be broadcast. It just means that Channel 20 (WDCA, a UPN affiliate) won't broadcast as many games. And that's unfortunate.

Web Site Developers Have Rights, Too

Sorry about belaboring this point, but it hits close to home. There are responsible website creators and developers who try to work within reasonable limits of setting up "fan" pages for their passions. Unfortunately, businesses don't see it that way and seek their typical heavy-handed approach to squash the fans.

One site has taken a reasonable approach to representing those who seek to show their appreciation for sports and entertainment "franchises:" Fist: The Palm. While focused on Fox, it's got a general call for all sides to get together and clarify expectations and responsibilities. Amen to that even-handed call.

Ch - Ch - Ch - Ch - Changes

Well, I finally added a site index, though I still would like to develop a strictly graphical tree. The text index is good for now.

What's up next for this site? I think I've found scripts to add search and BBS capabilities to this site. I just need some time to tinker with them and make it look and work right. Hopefully, they will be fully functional prior to the start of the regular season (though don't hold me to that schedule, please).

I still haven't found an adequate voting script (at least, one that's free). If you have any pointers, let me know. Also, I still haven't quite worked out how to archive the mailing list. Any hints are appreciated.

wtf 23 September 1997

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