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The Wizards Pick Strange Names In 1997 Draft

It's the day after, and now we get to assess what the Wizards did with the 46th and 49th picks in the draft. And at first blush, it might not be too bad.

J.A. Adande, sports writer for the Washington Post, provides a good summary from the Wizards war room point of view, reviewing the selections. With the 46th pick, they took Providence point guard God Shammgod. (And I'm sure you can see some interesting marketing ploys coming from this one.) With the 49th pick, they selected Serbian center/forward Predrag Drobnjak.

The good thing about all of this is that both players were projected as late first-round/early second-round selections, but they lasted until the Wizards picked later. That doesn't mean they're ready to step in and start right now.

Of course, Tony Kornheiser, sports columnist for the Washington Post, has to make a little hay of the whole situation. Typical Kornheiser. I'm sure much of the article was written before the draft even took place. Still, it's moderately entertaining writing.

There are questions on whether Shammgod can return to school now, given his selection by the Wizards. In the past players have been able to return to school if they didn't like their selection, but supposedly that rule has been modified only for players not selected. Still, Shammgod is a penetrator. And as coach Bernie Bickerstaff is quoted as saying: "I don't think you can ever have too many point guards. That's such a vital position." Sounds like Shammgod will make the team if he shows any talent in preseason.

In one place, I saw the selection of Drobnjak mentioned as the possible steal of the second round. I don't know, he probably still needs a lot of polishing. But he's a wide body, and it sounds like he still has a lot of upside. He's still under contract in Europe, so he may not come to play this year.

Reviews of the second round:

Evaluating the draft overall:

I hope you appreciate the information overload.

And before we get too giddy, remember one thing. This is only one day after the draft. These players, if they come to camp, still have to prove they can make the team.

wtf 26 June 1997

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