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And Then There Were Eleven

Both Tim Legler and Ben Wallace signed their deals yesterday (July 21), then went through their physicals. No dealbreakers were found yesterday, though results on the bloodwork will not be available until today, as is reported by J.A. Adande of the Washington Post. As long as nothing abnormal is found, both Legler and Wallace will be Wizards next year.

This is good news for the Wizards. While neither player got much playing time last year, both could figure to get more exposure this year, especially Legler. Tim Legler is still a top outside shooter, although I heard someone recently raise the question as to whether Legler will be good enough from the new NBA range. His shot is a little flat at the old range, so it will be interesting to see if he's strong enough to gun it from the new range (unlike Tracy Murray, who I'm sure will be able to shoot from the new range).

Wallace will be a more interesting prospect. He has a long way to go in developing any sort of offensive repertoire (his shooting, even at close range if it wasn't a dunk, is almost comical if he weren't one of the good guys). He is athletic on the defensive end, skying for rebounds and blocking shots from the weak side, but he did not display great post position defense last year. More weightlifting and practice should help him in that matter. And it's good that he signs now, because he can now participate in the Wizards' off-season conditioning and skills program.

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