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The Schedule Is Released, But...

Well, as I announced on my front page yesterday, the NBA schedule for next year has been released. But hidden behind the dates and times was some not so good news for Wizards fans - MCI Center will not host its first basketball game until December 1997 (as reported in the Washington Post.)

Yup, the Wizards will be playing their home games during the month of November (5 at home, with 10 games on the road) at USAirlines Arena. The final game at USAirlines Arena will be against none other than the NBA champion Chicago Bulls on November 29. I guess that's a fitting end to their history there, although I would have preferred that the playoffs last year would have been the fitting end.

The first Wizards game at MCI Center will be on TV (TNT) - looking at the tipoff time - against the Seattle Sonics on December 2. There's a bit of history behind that opponent - Seattle was also the first team the then Washington Bullets played against in the then Capital Centre in 1973.

I'm disappointed about the delay, but there isn't a lot I can do about it. They are blaming contaminated soil at the site for delaying construction. Whatever. Hopefully, us season ticket holders will not be paying full MCI Center prices for the 5 games at USAirlines Arena.

The Wizards also get to host the first New Year's Eve game in the NBA in 26 years, when they play the Toronto Raptors. And they are probably getting more television exposure this year. By my estimates, they will have:

A Wizards-only schedule, courtesy of the Washington Post, is now available. (My own version will be going up soon - when I can find the time to key it in.)

wtf 23 July 1997

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