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Shammgod Signs Non-Guaranteed Deal With Wizards

For the league minimum, no less. And that was totally expected. According to Amy Shipley of the Washington Post, God Shammgod signed his league-minimum contract last week and will be in the Wizards training camp when it starts in just over 2 weeks.

Apparently, the Wizards like what they've seen of him in the limited scrimmages they've seen this summer. He's still showing that pass-first mentality that is becoming exceedingly rare in current point guard crops. But getting into training camp is a different ball game. We'll see what he's made of then.

While some may pooh-pooh Shammgod's chances of making the team, I wouldn't be so sure. This Strickland incident is still hanging over the team's head. While it doesn't head to court until January 1998, there is a small, very remote chance Strickland could get some jail time. Then, to whom do the Wizards turn to back up Whitney? Webber may want another big body to man the front line, even with Lorenzo Williams supposedly returning from knee surgery, but I think Shammgod could be good insurance for the team.

Also noted in the article is that Pedrag Drobnjak is expected to stay in Europe for two more seasons and play out his European contract. After that, the Wizards and Drobnjak will try to decide whether they should take a chance on Drobnjak in the NBA or not.

wtf 16 September 1997

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