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Results From The Intrasquad Scrimmage

Unfortunately, you don't get a first-hand report from this year's scrimmage. (Unless someone who attended sends one in.) For the time being, you will have to depend today's Post article, filed by Ric Bucher.

The Blue team won last night's scrimmage, 54-35. Rod Strickland led the Blue team with 12 points and 6 assists. Unfortunately, there are no rosters for the scrimmage.

It should also be noted that Murray got cleared to play, and Lorenzo Williams also was active. Williams grabbed a game-high 10 rebounds. Meanwhile, Murray pumped in 14 points and took a game-high 14 shots. (Always the gunner, that Murray.) He switched teams at halftime, so he shot 4 of 6 for 11 points for the Blue team in the first half, then shot 1 of 8 for 3 points for the White team in the second half.

Another thing I'm curious about is: are the workout jerseys different for the team, now that they've got new team colors? They called the teams Blue and White, just like in past years. (I guess you can call a cobalt blue team uniform Blue.) Anyone with commentary and/or pictures, please let me know.

wtf 10 October 1997

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