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Thin Bench Brews Another Loss For Punchless Wizards

8 November 1997. Miami Heat 114, Washington Wizards 106 (record: 2-4)
Game leaders: Webber (34 points), Howard, Webber, Davis (7 rebounds), Strickland (19 assists)

Maybe I shouldn't be as negative about this game as I was when I saw the results. (I didn't get a chance to see or hear it.) But looking at the boxscore, I saw some things that gave me some heartburn.

->> WashingtonPost.com: Lots of Threes Add Up To Second Loss in Row.

When I see an opponent hit 9 of 15 3-pointers and 40 of 75 shooting overall, I wonder about defensive rotations. When a team gives up 16 offensive rebounds, yet only gathers 18 defensive rebounds, I wonder about intensity, boxing out, and doing the little things. When I see that the game was tied after 3 quarters, I wonder about 4th quarter intensity.

When I see Howard, CWebb and Strickland play 43, 44, and 44 minutes, respectively, I wonder when bench players will make a stand. (Yes, I know all 3 were playing well - 34 points for CWebb, 26 points for Howard (both on good shooting), and 19 assists for Strickland - but don't you think that's depending on players a bit much to make things happen, so that if another player has to make a play, he has the confidence in the fourth quarter of a tight game to take the open shot?)

Still, one week after losing a heartbreaker to the Heat, the Wizards do it again. Even if the Heat don't have Alonzo Mourning. *sigh* Read Ric Bucher's summary for the Washington Post (above) to get details I don't have the heart to pour over.

wtf 14 November 1997

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