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Construction At MCI Center Is On Time, Though Changes Are Being Made

Just a couple articles about the ongoing construction of the MCI Center, courtesy of the Washington Post.

  1. Wheelchair users promised clear view. To be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the seating plan MCI Center has been slightly modified to ensure that most attendees in wheelchair-accessible seating will be able to see the action, even if the rest of the crowd stands up. The plan calls for between 78 and 88 percent of the special seating, depending on the event, to have unobstructed views.

  2. More construction jobs for DC residents. Apparently, the construction crews haven't quite lived up to their promises to the DC government to fill 51 percent of all new construction jobs with DC residents. There are several programs under way to improve employability of DC residents both at MCI Center and other large local employers.
Despite the adjustments being made necessary, the public word is that the facility is still on schedule. I have no reason to doubt that assessment, either.

wtf 2 July 1997

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