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The Wizards Have Made Their Offers, Now They Wait

Free agency is upon us, and now the Wizards wait. They have made offers to three of their own free agents (Tim Legler, Ben Wallace, and Chris Whitney). But these players are also entertaining inquiries from other teams, trying to maximize their options through free agency.

J.A. Adande of the Washington Post has done a good job of digging out salary cap facts on the offers possible to players. While the Wizards aren't too limited in what they can offer Legler or Whitney, as both players have been around for all or part of the last 2 seasons, the Wizards can only offer Ben Wallace a raise of 20 percent.

Also intriguing is the fact that the Wizards may pursue possible free agent Rick Mahorn. He and general manager Wes Unseld are friends (Mahorn helps out at Unseld's annual basketball camp), and the Wizards tried to get him last year, but were limited by the salary cap. The Detroit Pistons currently hold an option on Mahorn for this season, but have not indicated whether they will retain him or not. If not, Mahorn may get a shot at becoming a Wizard.

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 <== Construction At MCI Center Is On Time, Though Changes Are Being Made Sources Say Legler And Whitney Are Close To Re-Signing  ==>

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