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Sources Say Legler And Whitney Are Close To Re-Signing

According to a story from J.A. Adande of the Washington Post, the Wizards may be close to re-signing both Tim Legler and Chris Whitney for next season and beyond. Whitney surprises me a little, because he should get decent interest from other teams.

Both players would reportedly get first year salaries of around $1M, which sounds about right to me. They probably also have incentive clauses that could raise that figure. Legler's rumored contract was not noted.

Whitney's deal is rumored to be around $4.5M for 3 years, although the math doesn't seem to quite work out. With maximum allowed raises of 20 percent per year, Whitney would either have a 3-year, $3.6M contract (with a first year salary of $1M), or would have a first year starting salary of $1.25M to average $1.5M per season for 3 seasons.

Also, today the Wizards are showcasing their new uniforms at Union Station in downtown DC. Juwan Howard, God Shammgod, and Dominique Dawes (the gymnast) will be on hand to show off the new duds. I don't know if I'll be able to get pictures or not. More details are in the Post story above.

wtf 11 July 1997

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