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Chris Whitney Has Signed The Dotted Line, And Legler Isn't Far Behind

Well, I never would've predicted this would happen, but it did. Chris Whitney re-signed with the Washington Bullets on Friday, July 11 for a 3-year, $4.2M contract. His first year salary will be around $1.2M. (These figures come from the Washington Post article on the signing and new uniforms.)

Reports also indicate that Legler has agreed to a similar deal and should be signing shortly. That signing has not been officially announced yet.

Both signing are reasonable, in the current salary structure of the NBA. They are making money that you would expect to pay someone who is part of your 8- or 9-man rotation. Congratulations to both.

Now, the J.A. Adande article also mentions that the Wizards are likely to sign Wallace. I'm not so sure. In my mind, I see him signing with the Celtics for more money and playing/development time. They are seriously short in front court depth and have expressed interest in signing him. While they are currently at the salary cap, they are negotiating to have Dino Radja play overseas next year, freeing up about $2.8M in cap space. They could throw $500k (plus incentives) toward Wallace and still have decent cap room for a much better player to add depth to their roster. So, look for that possible scenario.

But to re-iterate: Whitney has re-signed, Legler is pretty much there. This team is currently 10 players deep, plus Shammgod. And there is solid continuity.

wtf 14 July 1997

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