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The Uniforms Are Here - Do They Work?

It happened, but I don't have any pictures to show you. (You can see a picture, at least for the near future, at the Post's section on the Wizards.) They aren't too fancy, just straightforward. One plus--the logo does not play a big role on the uniform. The shirts just have the Wizards name; the logo is relegated to a smaller location on the shorts.

Of course, a new uniform wouldn't be complete without a fashion review, courtesy of the Washington Post fashion columnist Robin Givhan. She's generally down on the both uniforms and logo. Heck, she refers to brown thread, not copper. She must've dreaded being assigned to such a mundane fashion show.

From what I've seen, though, I like the uniforms. They will be simple, yet have some strong lines and features. Our players won't look silly on the court wearing these clothes. (And I don't think the logo is quite that bad, either.)

One interesting note at the end of J.A. Adande's article on current free agent signings (and briefly on the new uniforms): they plan on releasing an alternate road uniform that will be black instead of blue. (Yet another way to spend your merchandising money.) However, because of NBA rules on merchandising, they must wait 2 years after a uniform change before introducing any other changes. Should be interesting to see how this looks.

wtf 14 July 1997

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