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Injuries Remain The Center Of The Wizards' Problems

Injuries, injuries, injuries. It's a shame, but last year seemed to be a fluke. The Wizards are finding themselves rather thin in training camp right now, because of the players that are resting to let injuries (or illness) get better.

Public Scrimmage On Thursday
If you're interested, the Wizards will have a public scrimmage this Thursday, October 9 at 7:30 pm at the gym at Shepherd College. It's about 1-1/2 hours west of Washington, DC (without traffic). Here are the directions. If you go and want to write a summary, I will publish it online. Contact me for more info.
We've been aware of Muresan's injury, but Lorenzo Williams is still aching. Badly, according to Ric Bucher's article last Saturday. His right knee doesn't appear to be getting better, meaning he's going to be very limited in the reserve role he can serve in the near-term.

In fact, I'm going to guess that Williams will probably begin this season on IR, once again. It's a shame, because he has a very active body and rebounds exceptionally well. The team really look to him to help trigger fast-break opportunities off of defensive rebounds. But his and Muresan's injuries will open the door for someone else to possibly make the roster (I'm guessing Eric Leckner, much like Matt Fish did last year).

And while Muresan has come to camp and cleared the air with his teammates, he's still unable to practice.

And he's not the only one unable to practice. Rod Strickland has been in and out of the lineup with an ankle sprain, Tim Legler has a strained right hamstring, and Tracy Murray is still healing from off-season wrist surgery.

Then there's CWebb, who's bedridden in a hospital with a stomach virus, as reported by Ric Bucher of the Washington Post. Bad enough that he'd lost 10 pounds of weight by the end of Friday, then was overcome with fatigue and nausea. Bad stuff, but he'll be back. He'll just need all of pre-season to get his strength back.

So, training camp seems to be going very interestingly. Lots of light news, nothing big. Yet.

wtf 7 October 1997

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