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Will He Or Won't He? The Rumors Still Fly

One thing you can say, this makes for interesting discussions. Gheorghe Muresan is out with an weakened ankle, and now news is coming in that he's unlikely to be ready for the regular season. That's not surprising; he's healing, but slower than a normal person might heal. (Just remember he's 7'7", and most normal rules of healing don't apply.)

However, do the Wizards want him to get surgery? No one seems to want to answer that question - yet. But team officials are certainly playing over that option in their minds. And David Aldridge is reporting rumors that it's not a matter of if, but when.

So, if it is going to be necessary, what's the hold up? I get the feeling that this is going to be a repeat of the Lorenzo Williams injury situation last training camp, where the team and player waited and waited when it was readily apparent that surgery was the best option. Let's hope it doesn't take 5 weeks for them to decide this time (although it's already been 2 weeks).

Plus, it keeps Muresan off the trading blocks as long as this injury lingers. Although if he gets surgery, then he looks like damaged goods. Still, I can't believe that the Wizards are not considering dealing Muresan if they can get a good deal. It's a tough situation, especially if they want to package him to Sacramento as part of a deal to get Mitch Richmond. (Sorry, that's my rumor - Richmond for Muresan and Cheaney, nothing official about it.)

wtf 14 October 1997

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