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Muresan Out Until 1998

This sounds like a repeat of the Lorenzo Williams story last year. Only this year, it's only what was supposed to be the Wizards' starting center. The team announced yesterday that he's getting fitted for a hard cast on his right ankle, likely to be on for about 6 weeks, says Ric Bucher of the Washington Post. Then comes rehabilitation for Gheorghe, and because of his size it should take longer than normal.

Some Good News?
Michael Wilbon of the Washington Post took a tour of the MCI Center yesterday and came away very impressed. I just hope there's enough room for my 6'6" frame in those seats.
Needless to say, this has several players (and fans) frustrated that this wasn't dealt with sooner. Again, it's 6 weeks since the original diagnosis (and longer since the original injury), and now they are doing what should have been done in the first place. Just like last year with Lorenzo Williams.

Now we wait. But one thing this does do is postpone any possibility that the Wizards can trade him now (such as part of a deal for Mitch Richmond) and likely reduce his trade value at all this season. But then again, what good is sports as entertainment without a little soap opera?

wtf 14 November 1997

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