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Cavaliers Show How To Run A Fast-Break Offense To A Win

22 November 1997. Cleveland Cavaliers 110, Washington Wizards 101 (record: 4-9)
Game leaders: Strickland (27 points), Davis (9 rebounds), Strickland (17 assists)

If I were to ask you which team is more talented, I don't think you'd get any argument that the Wizards would win the survey. But that's why games are played. This Cleveland Cavalier team, with several new players, really tries to get out and run with the ball off of defensive rebounds (or even made shots, for that matter).

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And you know what? It works for them. And that makes me wonder why the Wizards are incapable of running with the ball. It's not like Gheorghe Muresan is on the floor to slow them down. Isn't this what Bernie said he wanted to install - a running team that traps smartly (because of the athletes at most positions)?

Well, it hasn't worked out to date. Instead, the Cavaliers get 31 points from Wesley Person and a league-high this season of 20 assists from rookie Brevin Knight as the Cavaliers generally cruise to an easy victory. Sure, the Wizards had their chances late, but it really wasn't in doubt much, was it?

The Wizards weren't helped when they lost CWebb in the first quarter after he injured each knee in a separate incident. First, Terry Davis tumbled into his right knee (looking like it might have been slightly hyperextended), then CWebb collided his left knee with Zydrunas Ilgauskas' knee on a drive to the basket.

The Wizards also weren't helped by going 14 of 26 from the free throw line. The biggest culprit was Strickland, who went 5 of 10 from the line. Chasing around a quick player like Brevin Knight can tire you out. But the Wizards also got 24 points from Howard and 20 points from Murray, but it wasn't enough, especially with the other 3 starters providing 12 points total.

At least the team shot nearly 50% from the field, after shooting below 40% for the past 3 games.

Oh my, what depths (okay, sixth place in the Atlantic Division, behind even Boston and New Jersey) have the Wizards fallen to.

wtf 25 November 1997

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