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Wizards Looking Healthier Going Into Last Week Of November

Finally, something that borders on good news after the past week. Yesterday, the Wizards finally practiced all 5 starters (Davis, Webber, Howard, Strickland, Cheaney) at the same time for the first time in two weeks, according to Ric Bucher of the Washington Post. One practice won't make a difference, but getting them all on the same court together can hopefully start the team toward a recovery of the offensive firepower we expected coming into this season.

Tonight, the Wizards hit the road to play against the Orlando Magic, who started the current 5-game losing streak at USAir Arena 9 days ago. The Wizards are healthier than they were in that game, as are the Magic. It's unclear if Penny Hardaway is ready to play for the Magic, as he has sat out the past few games (with an injury I can't remember and don't have time to look up - sorry for the laziness).

In the meantime, the Wizards don't plan on changing the roster at all to solve their scoring problems. While the names of Todd Day (recently released by the Heat) and Vernon Maxwell may come up, the Wizards are just looking to sit tight.

wtf 24 November 1997

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