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CWebb Elected Team's Player Union Representative

At the end of today's Washington Post Wizards article by Ric Bucher, it was noted that CWebb was elected the team's union rep while he was away taking a shower. Normally a job relegated to a bench jockey, CWebb took the vote with good humor and vowed to stay very involved in the whole process.

This might not normally warrant a separate story, but it should be interesting to note his role in the probable upcoming league lockout next summer. Two years ago, CWebb was not a hard-core member of the David Falk-led player uprising, like Juwan was. In fact, I believe he was more moderate on the issue than many other superstars.

CWebb will be one of the voting members of the player's union this time around, so it will be interesting to see how he represents the team in this potentially serious matter.

wtf 4 December 1997

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