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1997-98 Washington Wizards Schedule

Date Opponent Site Time Result
October 1997
Sat 11 San Antonio Fairfax, VA (1) 7:30pm L 87-99
Thu 16 San Antonio San Antonio, TX 8:30pm L 76-96
Fri 17 Denver Denver, CO 9:00pm W 112-107
Mon 20 Denver Boise, ID 9:00pm W 105-96
Wed 22 LA Lakers Las Vegas, NV 10:30pm L 113-124 (OT)
Mon 21 Seattle Los Angeles+ 10:00pm L 73-114
Fri 25 Atlanta Los Angeles+ TBD++ W 102-96 (2OT)

1 at the Patriot Center
+ Part of 4-team (Wizards, Lakers, Sonics, Hawks) tournament at the Great Western Forum.
++ Play time/opponent according to Friday results.

Regular Season (October / November / December / January / February / March / April / Playoffs)

Date Opponent Time TV Result
October 1997
Fri 31 at Detroit 8:00pm WUSA-9 L 79-92

November 1997
Sat 1 Miami (u) 7:30pm HTS L 108-109
Mon 3 at Utah 9:00pm HTS W 90-86
Tue 4 at Denver 9:00pm HTS W 120-96
Fri 7 Charlotte (u) 7:30pm HTS L 92-107
Sat 8 at Miami 7:30pm WBDC-50 L 106-114
Wed 12 at Chicago 8:30pm HTS W 90-83
Thu 13 at Minnesota 8:00pm WBDC-50 W 91-88 (OT)
Sat 15 Orlando (u) 7:30pm HTS L 102-91
Tue 18 at Atlanta 7:30pm HTS L 89-98 (OT)
Wed 19 at Philadelphia 7:30pm HTS L 86-97
Fri 21 New York (u) 7:30pm WBDC-50 L 82-104
Sat 22 at Cleveland 7:30pm HTS L 101-110
Mon 24 at Orlando 7:30pm HTS L 87-95
Wed 26 at San Antonio 8:30pm HTS W 98-94
Sat 29 Chicago (u) 7:30pm WBDC-50 L 83-88

December 1997
Tue 2 Seattle 8:00pm TNT, WUSA-9 W 95-78
Thu 4 Sacramento 7:00pm WBDC-50 W 118-96
Sat 6 Minnesota 7:00pm HTS W 114-103
Tue 9 New Jersey 7:00pm HTS  
Wed 10 at Charlotte 7:30pm HTS  
Fri 12 at Boston 7:00pm HTS  
Sat 13 at Indiana 7:00pm WBDC-50  
Mon 15 Utah 7:00pm WUSA-9  
Wed 17 Miami 7:00pm HTS  
Fri 19 Charlotte 7:00pm WBDC-50  
Sat 20 at Toronto 6:00pm    
Mon 22 at Milwaukee 8:30pm HTS  
Fri 26 at Dallas 8:30pm WUSA-9  
Sat 27 at Houston 8:30pm WBDC-50  
Mon 29 at New Jersey 7:30pm HTS  
Wed 31 Toronto 9:00pm HTS  

January 1998
Fri 2 Indiana 7:00pm WBDC-50  
Sun 4 Phoenix 1:00pm HTS  
Mon 5 at New York 7:30pm WUSA-9  
Wed 7 Boston 7:00pm HTS  
Fri 9 at Atlanta 7:30pm HTS  
Sun 11 Atlanta 1:00pm WBDC-50  
Wed 14 San Antonio 7:00pm TBS, WUSA-9  
Fri 16 Vancouver 7:00pm HTS  
Sat 17 LA Clippers 7:00pm    
Wed 21 Portland 7:00pm HTS  
Sat 24 New Jersey 7:00pm HTS  
Tue 27 at Indiana 7:00pm HTS  
Wed 28 at Boston 7:00pm HTS  
Fri 30 at Detroit 8:00pm TNT/TSN, WUSA-9  

February 1998
Mon 2 Detroit 7:00pm HTS  
Wed 4 Cleveland 7:00pm HTS  
Thu 5 at Orlando 7:30pm WBDC-50  
Tue 10 at Golden State 10:30pm HTS  
Wed 11 at LA Clippers 10:30pm HTS  
Sat 14 at Vancouver 10:00pm WBDC-50  
Sun 15 at Sacramento 9:00pm HTS  
Wed 18 Milwaukee 7:00pm HTS  
Sat 21 Chicago 8:00pm WBDC-50  
Tue 24 Houston 7:00pm HTS  
Thu 26 Golden State 7:00pm WBDC-50  
Sat 28 Dallas 7:00pm HTS  

March 1998
Mon 2 LA Lakers 7:00pm HTS  
Thu 5 New York 7:00pm WBDC-50  
Fri 6 at Boston 7:00pm HTS  
Sun 8 Philadelphia 3:00pm NBC  
Tue 10 at Milwaukee 8:30pm HTS  
Wed 11 at Philadelphia 7:30pm HTS  
Sat 14 at Charlotte 7:30pm HTS  
Tue 17 Denver 7:00pm HTS  
Thu 19 Indiana 7:00pm WBDC-50  
Sun 22 at New Jersey 7:30pm HTS  
Tue 24 at Portland 10:00pm WBDC-50  
Wed 25 at Seattle 10:00pm WBDC-50  
Fri 27 at Phoenix 9:00pm WUSA-9  
Sun 29 at LA Lakers 9:30pm HTS  

April 1998
Wed 1 Philadelphia 7:00pm HTS  
Fri 3 Toronto 7:00pm HTS  
Sun 5 Orlando 1:00pm    
Tue 7 at Chicago 8:30pm WUSA-9  
Thu 9 Detroit 7:00pm WBDC-50  
Sun 12 Atlanta 3:30pm NBC  
Tue 14 at New York 8:00pm TNT, WUSA-9  
Wed 15 Cleveland 7:00pm HTS  
Fri 17 at Miami 7:30pm HTS  
Sat 18 Boston 6:00pm HTS  


(u) At USAir Arena (for month of November 1997; subsequent games at MCI Center)
** Will be aired only if available outside of NBC window
*** All games are broadcast on the Bullets Basketball Radio Network (WRC-980-AM in the DC area)
(r) Part of an NBC regional broadcast, not nationwide

All times are Eastern Time.

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