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The New MCI Center is moving along on schedule to be opened in fall 1997 - though late for the hockey and basketball seasons. The first NBA game at MCI Center is scheduled for December 2, 1997. Sales of season tickets are going on now. We'll have to wait and see about that. In the meantime, we've got lots of information about the construction of the MCI Center.

The early news:

Washington Post coverage of the building of the new local stadiums, in particular MCI Center.

You can also go to the official MCI Center website. Got some good starter information, though it doesn't provide much in terms of information on seating for the average fan. There are two WAY COOL areas: take a QuickTime VR tour of the inside of the arena/playing area from various seating vantage points; and take a look at the MCICenter Cam, showing the status of the exterior construction.

Construction status:

Tours Of The Building:
Miscellaneous News & Notes:
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