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Riding The Wizards Bench
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Riding The Wizards Bench
Monthly Updates

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Sun, Nov 30, 1997

WW 11/97: Saying A Sad Good-Bye, As The Wizards Go Winless In Landover.

The Sporting News NBA - Washington Wizards (29 Nov 97).

Rod Strickland had a couple of video highlights last week:

WashingtonPost.com: MCI Center: A Journey to the Unknown.

WashingtonPost.com: Once More, the Ball Is in Pollin's Court.

WashingtonPost.com: Final Buzzer Sounds for Wizards at US Airways Arena.

Today's weekly Washington Post Magazine is dedicated to describing the MCI Center and its effects on the community:

Sat, Nov 29, 1997

WW 11/97: Wizards Sign Ledell Eackles To Help With Offensive Firepower On Bench.

WW 11/97: Schedule Of Events For The Grand Opening Of The MCI Center.

WW 11/97: Wizards Ride Hot Hands To Break Spurs.

Owner Abe Pollin laments the price increases, but does it anyway: WashingtonPost.com: Pollin: Player Salaries Cause Increases in Ticket Prices.

Tony Kornheiser column: WashingtonPost.com: It Was Too Dark Inside, but Plenty of Stars Lit It Up.

Bob Levey column: A Humble Plea: If You're Coming to MCI Center, Take the Subway, Now and Forever.

The Washington Post long-term archive about the MCI Center: WashingtonPost.com: The Wizards.

Find your seat section: WashingtonPost.com: Basketball Seating.

Highlights of the area: WashingtonPost.com: Area Map.

Driving conditions/directions about the arena: WashingtonPost.com: MCI Center's Parking Patterns.

Metro map of area: WashingtonPost.com: Metro Map.

An architectural review of the final product: WashingtonPost.com: MCI Center's Winning Ways.

And another: WashingtonPost.com: A Point or Two Shy of an Architectural Slam Dunk.

This is a 2-year old architectural review of the plans (at the time): Shaping The City...Architectural Splendor Would Propel D.C. Arena Beyond Thrill of Victory.

WashingtonPost.com: D.C. Residents Win Some, Lose Some.

Cheaney will be chatting live online Monday (12/2): NBA.com Interactive: One-on-One with Calbert Cheaney.

Wed, Nov 26, 1997

WW 11/97: What Can We Be Thankful For This Year?.

WashingtonPost.com: Many Factors Add Up to Wizards' Dry Spell.

WashingtonPost.com: An Arena Bonanza.

Less than 7 days until the MCI Center opens. Read about the history of its development at Wizards Biz: MCI Center Index.

Tue, Nov 25, 1997

WW 11/97: What Kind Of Idiocy Is Going On Here?.

WW 11/97: Magic Continue Wizards' Slide Of Mediocrity.

The Sporting News NBA - Washington Wizards (25 Nov 97).

Video of Strickland driving for the hoop and the foul in Saturday's loss (in AVI and Quicktime).

Mon, Nov 24, 1997

WW 11/97: Wizards Looking Healthier Going Into Last Week Of November.

WW 11/97: Cavaliers Show How To Run A Fast-Break Offense To A Win.

WW 11/97: Knicks On Another Plane Of NBA Existence.

An interesting proposal, on OnHoops: Solutions to the Shooting Woes.

Sun, Nov 23, 1997

WashingtonPost.com: With Webber Out, Wizards Fall Again.

Scores & Stats: Cleveland Cavaliers/Washington Wizards Game Recap.

Box score: Washington at Cleveland [November 22, 1997].

WashingtonPost.com:Webber's Return Spoiled by Knicks.

Scores & Stats: New York Knicks/Washington Wizards Game Recap.

Box score: New York at Washington [November 21, 1997].

The Sporting News NBA - The Sporting News Team Report - 11/22 (22 Nov 97).

Michael Wilbon column: WashingtonPost.com: It's Time for Disconnected Wizards to Switch to MCI.

WashingtonPost.com: Cheers for an Arena.

WashingtonPost.com: A Shorts History.

Fri, Nov 21, 1997

WW 11/97: Wizards Lose Third Straight With Flat Performance.

WashingtonPost.com: Webber May Face Knicks.

Thu, Nov 20, 1997

WashingtonPost.com: Misfiring Wizards Fall to the 76ers.

Scores & Stats: Philadelphia 76ers/Washington Wizards Game Recap.

Box score: Washington at Philadelphia [November 19, 1997].

WashingtonPost.com: Fire Drives Team From Its Hotel.

The NBA streak gets broken tonight: A.C. Green Has Never Quit His Night Job.

However, the all-time men's professional basketball streak belongs to Ron Boone, at 1,041 games. However, he played 8 seasons in the ABA, then 5 seasons in the NBA, so his streak doesn't count.

If you have premium service on ESPNet Sportszone, you can read more about Boone: ESPN SportsZone: Iron man's streak bends, but doesn't break.

Wed, Nov 19, 1997

WW 11/97: Hawks Take Flight Late To Win Thriller.

WashingtonPost.com: Williams Is Working to Obtain More Work.

The Sporting News NBA - Washington Wizards (18 Nov 97).

Looking for the latest info on the MCI Center? Here's what I've got to date: Wizards Biz: MCI Center Index.

You can also visit its website at http://www.mcicenter.com/.

If you visited the MCI Center last Sunday and want to write about your impressions, please contact me and we can arrange to get your account published.

Tue, Nov 18, 1997

WW 11/97: PREVIEW: Hawks Looking For New Prey; Are The Wizards Next?.

WW 11/97: In A Battle Of Second Units, Magic Cast A 'Win'-Spell.

The official announcement: WASHINGTON WIZARDS: Muresan Still Hurt.

Mon, Nov 17, 1997

Unfortunately, I don't have time to provide personal updates at the moment...hopefully, soon...

WashingtonPost.com: Injuries, Fouls Hurt the Wizards.

Box score: Orlando at Washington [November 15, 1997].

WashingtonPost.com: With Backs Against a Wall, Howard Heals, Webber Ails.

WashingtonPost.com: Wizards Yearn for Some Home-Court Advantage.

WashingtonPost.com: MCI Center, Metro Station Stage Debut for Two.

Fri, Nov 14, 1997

WW 11/97: Wizards Escape Frozen Tundra With Another Improbable Win.

WW 11/97: Muresan Out Until 1998.

A late report: WW 11/97: Thin Bench Brews Another Loss For Punchless Wizards.

Another late report: WW 11/97: Hornets Buzz Listless (Dare I Say Overconfident?) Wizards.

Michael Wilbon column: WashingtonPost.com: A Center That Deserves Attention.

NBA.com News & Features: All-Star Balloting Begins (and you can vote online, starting this afternoon).

NBA.com News & Features: 1998 NBA All-Star Ballot Candidates.

Thu, Nov 13, 1997

WW 11/97: Bulls Seeing Red After Wizards Cast Defensive Spell.

WashingtonPost.com: NBA Fashion Police Gives Washington a Short Order.

Just why do they call it "small forward"? NBA.com News & Features: Changing the Game.

NBA.com News & Features: The NBA's Old and New 3-Men.

One spin on the impending CBA renegotiations (one I'm not entirely at ease with): The Sporting News - Dave D'Alessandro.

Hall of Famer Dr. Jack Ramsey tries to explain the illegal defense rule: Dr. Jack's Diagram.

(Or a text-based description of the above diagrams: ESPN SportsZone: Explaining the illegal-defense rules.)

Great Kornheiser line about naming the new DC WNBA team:

You couldn't pick a better name for the new Washington WNBA team than Sirens. They're beautiful women in mythology who lured sailors to the rocks and their deaths. Plus, you can't go two blocks downtown without hearing a siren of some kind.

Wed, Nov 12, 1997

WW 11/97: PREVIEW: Wizards Try To Rebound Against World Champions.

WashingtonPost.com: Lack of 'Rhythm' Has Wizards Seeking 'Patience and Poise'.

The Sporting News NBA - Washington Wizards (11 Nov 97).

News & Features:Detroit, Washington Approved as 1998 Expansion Cities.

NBA.com News & Features: NBA, NBC Announce Broadcast Agreement.

NBA.com News & Features: NBA, Turner Sports Announce Broadcast Agreement.

Tue, Nov 11, 1997

WashingtonPost.com: Williams Battles Knee Pain.

WashingtonPost.com: NBA's New TV Deal Worth Twice as Much.

Mon, Nov 10, 1997

WashingtonPost.com: Lots of Threes Add Up To Second Loss in Row.

Box score: Washington at Miami [November 8, 1997].

WashingtonPost.com: With 'Our Tails Kicked,' Wizards Are in Arrears.

Box score: Charlotte at Washington [November 7, 1997].

The Sporting News NBA - Washington Wizards (8 Nov 97).

WashingtonPost.com: Coming Next at Abe Pollin's Old Arena: Amateur Sports.

Former Bullets 1st round pick heads west: GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS: Warriors Obtain Delk, Bogues.

Fri, Nov 7, 1997

WW 11/97: Thank You, Terry - But What About The Roster?.

WashingtonPost.com: Strickland Is Feeling a Bit Hamstrung.

WashingtonPost.com: Washington Has Met WNBA Requirements, O'Malley Says.

The #1 NBA play of the week (according to NBA.com): Tim Hardaway's shot (in AVI and QuickTime).

The #1 NBA play of the preseason (according to NBA.com): Kobe Bryant's dunk (in AVI and QuickTime).

Why does this always seem to happen against the Wizards? ;-)

Thu, Nov 6, 1997

WW 11/97: Denver Provides Rocky Mountain High For Magical Wizards.

Updated to include the complete TV schedule: Wizards Watch: 1997-98 Washington Wizards Schedule.

WashingtonPost.com: Davis's Play Gives Wizards a Charge.

NBA.com Global Game: USA to Face Brazil, Lithuania & Korea in World Championship.

Wed, Nov 5, 1997

WashingtonPost.com: Washington Routs Denver, 120-96, to Complete 2-0 Trip.

Box score: Washington at Denver [November 4, 1997].

WashingtonPost.com: For Bickerstaff, There's Future in the Past.

WashingtonPost.com: Webber Gives Malone Feud for Thought.

The Sporting News NBA - Washington Wizards (4 Nov 97).

Interesting note about Vernon Maxwell and the Wizards: ESPN SportsZone: Palmer, Kantner have earned their stripes.

Tue, Nov 4, 1997

WW 11/97: Wizards Record New Jazz Tune For First Win.

WW 11/97: Heat Burn Wizards In Home Opener.

Terry Davis is officially on the roster: Wizards Watch: 1997-98 Washington Wizards Roster.

The regular season is here - don't you feel you should discuss it with your fellow Wizards fans? Join the mailing list, Wizards Talk now!

WashingtonPost.com: Ham Gives Wizards The Works.

Does this smell funny to you too? WashingtonPost.com: WRC's Vance, Rooting Around the MCI Center.

Mon, Nov 3, 1997

WW 11/97: Terry Davis Added To Roster, Jimmy Oliver Cut.

WW 10/97: Wizards Have Frightful Start To Regular Season.

WashingtonPost.com: Strickland Plays Despite Injury.

WashingtonPost.com: Hardaway's Shot Sinks Wizards.

Tim Hardaway's game winner (in AVI and QuickTime formats).

Box score: Miami at Washington [November 1, 1997].

WashingtonPost.com: Hardaway's Shot Saves Heat, Stuns Wizards.

WashingtonPost.com: Post-Game Comments.

The Sporting News NBA - Washington Wizards (1 Nov 97).

Last month's news updates archive: October 1997.

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